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At Fresh Start, meeting your schedule needs is important in providing planned therapy on time. We allow for flexibility, but our calendar is designed to be efficient and run like a well oiled machine. Please click the “Request Appointment” button below and login to your private and secured patient portal. In there you will see open time slots that we can schedule your appointments or consultation. Book Appointments Today. Thanks!

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We Accept Most Insurances!

Not for sure if you’re covered by your health insurance, let us do the legwork. We can coordinate with your health insurance carrier and get the answers you need prior to your therapy being scheduled. Call or email us today! 

Our Language

Communication is important to us, we strive to have clear and precise information received and distributed. Our communication is established by your communication. Fresh Start focuses in on understanding our clients needs early. Then we proceed with action plan as an option. 

Therapy Requirements

Therapy requested with no referral from the Primary Care Physician (PCP) possibly may not be covered under your insurance. Only exception, if the insurance provided by the client allows for no referral from their Primary Care Physician (PCP) prior to seeing a therapist for speech or occupational therapy. If not covered by your insurance for any reason, we can provide therapy with no insurance through private payment in our secure portal. The cost for private payment therapy can be provided to you by email or a phone call from us.  

Any Questions

Please email us any questions prior to schedule to ensure a time slot is available for another client who is searching for an available time.

Once your plan of therapy is provided by the licensed speech therapist, scheduling the clients therapy sessions is critical to the progress or recovery of the client.

We thank you for choosing Fresh Start for your Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy needs and wish you and your family the best.

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